Filing of GSIS Consoloan (Consolidated Loan) Over-the-Counter Transaction

GSIS Hotline: 8474747

If you only have a temporary e-Card and still waiting for your Common Reference Number (CRN) to get your UMID card, and you need to file for a Consolidated Loan at GSIS then you should file it over the counter.

Note: GSIS Consoloan can only be availed by those who have rendered not less than 20 months in government service. 

Filing is very easy. Here are the steps:  

  1. Bring your e-Card/UMID Card
  2. Photocopy of two valid IDs (back to back)
  3. Go to the Information Desk to ask for Number and Form. You can download the form at GSIS website. Click here to download.
  4. Complete the form. Make sure you know the following: e-Card number, BP number, e-Card Account number, TIN number
  5. Go to the Over-the-counter Transactions desk and wait to be called.
  6. Once called, pass the completed form and you will be inform of how much you will be getting.
  7. They will give you a print out (2 copies, keep the duplicate copy) and have it signed by you as proof that you agree. Note: There is a processing fee which will be deducted from the money you are supposed to be getting.
  8. You will be asked to go to the next desk and give the staff the completed form, photocopy of your IDs and the printed copy of your loanable amount.
  9. The staff will give you print out that your transaction was already filed and would ask you to inform your office that you filed for a loan.
  10. Authorized person from your office will approve your loan application online.
  11. Once approved, it would take 3 to 5 days before the money reach your e-Card.

For over the counter transactions, it took about 2 days before they were able to transfer the loan application to the Agency Authorized Officer for approval. Once the AAO approved the application, it only took about a day before the loan amount will be transferred to your e-Card. Pretty fast and convenient.


For those who will be withdrawing their money at Landbank of the Philippines, the maximum amount per withdrawal using your e-Card is P10,000. Meaning if you are going to withdraw 50,000 you need to insert your card 5 times, which will cost you P50.00 (P10.00 per transaction).


  1. how many montly amortization is needed before i can renew my conso loan?

  2. none required...The Conso-Loan is renewable as long as there are proceeds available.

  3. may 15, 2013 - dec 5, 2014. can i avail conso loan?

    1. after 2 year you can avail consol loan

  4. how long will it takes for GSIS to issue UMID card from date of application? thanks

  5. Pwede napo ba ko mag loan august 1 2013 po ako nag start sa government

    1. After 2 years in service na po pwede

  6. my gsis card is blocked. how can i fix it?

  7. Bakit wla prin p0ng laman ung ecard q. .

  8. is it really need to submit payslip to the division ict 4 the approval of the consol loan even if there is a deduction but the net take home pay is only 3,201.00.

  9. pag may calamity loan pa pwede pa rin mgaconso loan